‘Mammovan’ Provides Affordable Mammograms to Nevadans

By Consumers For Quality Care, on October 27, 2021

‘Mammovan’ Provides Affordable Mammograms to Nevadans

The Nevada Health Center is providing low-cost mobile mammogram screenings for women with and without health insurance, according to 13 Action News.

Mammograms save lives; early detection can make all the difference in breast cancer diagnosis. Yet many women don’t receive mammograms because they are often too expensive.

The Center’s “mammovan” travels to various locations throughout Las Vegas, providing affordable mammograms to consumers, regardless of health insurance status.

“We do not turn anyone away. We give women a fighting chance to beat it,” says Rhonda Johnson, the mammovan’s program manager. “Early detection is the best protection.”

Johnson says that lack of insurance coverage is one of the main reasons women choose not to get screened, and why the mammovan is providing a much-needed service in the community. “This allows us to be able to do this for women that maybe don’t have insurance or money,” she says.

While CQC applauds this innovative initiative, providers and insurers must also do their part and to ensure all patients can access the quality care they need.