Top Health Care Advocates Join Forces to Form Consumers for Quality Care

By Consumers for Quality Care, on June 7, 2017

Alliance to help protect American health care consumers & demand high-quality health care

WASHINGTON – As millions of Americans increasingly experience obstacles and barriers to quality health care, a group of advocates is launching a new initiative to shine a light on the problems consumers are facing. Consumers for Quality Care will be led by a board of directors that includes the Honorable Donna Christensen, physician and former Member of Congress; Jim Manley, former senior advisor to Senators Harry Reid and Edward Kennedy; and Scott Mulhauser, visiting fellow at The University of Pennsylvania and former senior advisor to the Senate Finance Committee and Vice President Joe Biden.

“There is a raging debate right now about the future of health care,” said Christensen, “but what is largely missing from the discussion is the level of quality that health care consumers want in their coverage.” Regardless of which party’s health care bill is being considered, I am committed and eager to do everything I can as part of Consumers for Quality Care to be a voice for health care consumers to ensure they have the quality, affordable health care they deserve.”

Consumers for Quality Care will focus on supporting the following principles:

  • Ensuring that high-quality, comprehensive health care is available and affordable to all Americans;
  • Improving insurance design to better meet the needs of consumers; and
  • Transforming the health care delivery system to put the patient at the center.

“It is vital that patients and health care consumers are participating in a system that covers the treatments they need. We must revamp the system in a way that promotes care coordination and improves outcomes overall,” said Manley.

Consumers for Quality Care’s board of directors will work with patients and advocacy groups from across the United States to spotlight abuses in the health care system and demand accountability for such policies. Through its advocacy efforts, Consumers for Quality Care hopes to encourage Congress to support sensible, pro-consumer health care reforms.

“In too many cases, the flaws in our health care system keep Americans from accessing the care they need. The voices that matter most here are consumers and families across the country grappling with health care every day and we intend to amplify their voices loudly,” said Mulhauser.

Consumers for Quality Care will maintain a slate of stories highlighting the need for change. These stories can be found here.

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