Teenage Burn Victim Denied Surgery That Would Restore His Ability To Speak

By Consumers For Quality Care, on December 6, 2019

Teenage Burn Victim Denied Surgery That Would Restore His Ability To Speak

A teenage boy who was the victim of a horrible burn accident cannot get his insurance to cover the surgery that would save his voice, as WXYZ in Detroit reports.

The boy, Brian Adams, suffered burns on 85 percent of his body when butane hash oil his mother was using to process marijuana in a hotel room exploded. She is now in prison and Brian’s father has full custody of his son.

Shriners Hospital for Children-Boston has covered Brian’s care after most Detroit-area hospitals turned him away. Those hospitals told Brian’s father to work to ease Brian’s pain rather than try to save his life.

Burn units at hospitals around Michigan said his injuries were too severe. Robert says they didn’t want to admit him and recommended the family just work to ease Brian’s pain. The Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston however thought he had a chance, and saved his life.

Shriners said to save Brian’s voice, they would need to bring in an outside expert and it would cost $150,000 to give him a special surgery. But Brian’s insurance has denied coverage of the procedure.

Brian’s insurance company was asked to cover that. However, Molina Healthcare repeatedly denied coverage, advising the family there are doctors who can do the procedure in Michigan and in network.

The Michigan doctors who were recommended by Brian’s insurance said they do not believe the procedure would save Brian’s voice, despite the Shriners-recommended doctor insisting the procedure would work if performed by him.

Brian’s doctors have said his situation is very urgent. When they challenged the insurance company, they only received more denials.