Copay Accumulator Adjustment Programs: An American Horror Story

Protect Patients From Increased Out-of-Pocket Pharmacy Costs

Countless Americans rely on copay assistance to afford the medications they need. The Help Ensure Lower Patient (HELP) Copays Act would protect patients from harmful insurance and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) practices that raise out-of-pocket expenses at the pharmacy counter. The bill would ensure that consumers who use coupons or cost-sharing assistance are able to afford their prescription drugs by prohibiting the use of “copay accumulator” schemes, and by requiring health plans and PBMs to count the value of copay assistance towards a patient’s cost-sharing requirements.

We need your help to encourage Congress to pass this important legislation. Now more than ever, we must protect consumers from ever-increasing health care costs.

Out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs are a major concern for millions of Americans. Ensuring that copay assistance counts for patients will go a long way toward improving health care accessibility and affordability, helping to ensure more patients do not have to forgo the treatment they need due to high cost.

All Americans, regardless of financial status or circumstance, should be able to access life-saving care and medication, and a patient’s insurance should not stand in the way of their access to care.