Research Spring 2018

Consumers for Quality Care Survey Finds Americans Acutely Worried about Health Care Costs

The first-ever CQC health care survey finds that Americans fear health care costs even more than they worry about costs associated with retirement, college, housing or child care, despite the fact that more people in this country have health coverage than ever before. The CQC telephone survey of 1,700 adults, conducted by Ipsos in March 2018, also finds that:

  • Americans are more concerned about premiums, deductibles, and co-pays than they are about access to care or quality of care.
  • When asked who is responsible for their out-of-pocket costs, Americans mostly blame insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and the federal government.
  • While they trust their doctors, Americans are simultaneously concerned that doctors have to factor the quality of their patient’s insurance coverage into the treatment options they recommend.
  • Regardless of political persuasion, Americans share common frustrations about their health care, and have shared priorities for change.

Read the CQC survey press release here.

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