Family Battles Insurer For Infant’s Life-Saving Procedure

By Consumers for Quality Care, on February 2, 2018

Family Battles Insurer For Infant’s Life-Saving Procedure

4-month old Jensen Kittle was born with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), a life-threatening genetic disorder that leaves Jensen with virtually no immune system to battle every day germs. According to local CBS affiliate WRGB:

“Without an immune system he has no ability to fight against the flu, the common cold, even wearing the wrong fragrance can cause an allergic reaction. Any of those things can kill that little baby,” Kittle said.

Jensen’s doctors told the family that a bone-marrow transplant could help save his life. The Kittles were overjoyed when they found out that Jensen’s older sister is a perfect match.

However, joy quickly faded when their insurance provider, Fidelis, told the Kittles that it would not cover Jensen’s transplant. The insurance company said that Boston Children’s Hospital, where Jensen was referred, is out-of-network.

Jensen’s parents worry that being forced to switch hospitals will take time their son may not have.

“Who knows how long he’s got, I mean it’s mind boggling to me, something can happen today so he’s not here a week from now, time is of the essence,” Kittle said.

The Kittles have filed a complaint against their insurer. Fidelis says it is performing an expedited review of the case. In the meantime, Jensen is undergoing blood transfusions to help fight off any potential infections.