How To Find a Mental Health Care Provider

By Consumers for Quality Care, on April 20, 2022

How To Find a Mental Health Care Provider

Finding a therapist can take time and determination, especially during the pandemic, when many therapists report they cannot keep up with demand and must turn patients away. Now, The New York Times is offering tip for consumers to get the help they need.

For some people — like those suffering from a debilitating bout of depression — the thought of spending weeks or months searching for a therapist can seem overwhelming. Having friends or family members help with contacting providers or setting up appointments can help relieve some of that initial anxiety.

Consumers concerned about costs should consider seeing a provider who is new to the field, such as a clinician who has obtained their degree but does not have the supervised experience needed to earn a professional license. These clinicians are usually less expensive, and their work is continually being reviewed by a more experienced therapist.

Employee benefits may allow some consumers to quickly locate a professional, connect them with the right resources, or even provide a small number of free therapy sessions. Consumers should also explore digital directories and virtual options, which offer both ease and convenience of services. Nonprofits can be a great resource for consumers looking to find a therapist.

There are some affordable options for consumers who do not have health insurance, including community-based mental health programs, or free- or low-cost programs at local hospitals and medical schools.. For those dealing with a crisis, experts advise consumers not to wait and to seek the help they need right away.

CQC urges lawmakers and health care leaders to find solutions to make mental health care more accessible for all consumers.