Benefits Pro Highlights CQC’s Research

By Consumers For Quality Care, on April 10, 2019

Benefits Pro Highlights CQC’s Research

Benefits Pro highlighted Consumer for Quality Care’s recent research.

Americans list the high cost of health care as a top concern, according to a new consumer survey. The survey, conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Consumers for Quality Care (CQC), found that no matter what the demographic group, Americans want more predictability in costs and plans that offer quality coverage.

The CQC—which is a left-leaning advocacy group—is presenting the findings as a “Negotiator’s Guide” to policymakers, saying that it clarifies what Americans want from health legislation at a time when health care reform continues to be a hot political topic.

And the survey found the level of concern was high: more respondents listed health care as a top concern (84 percent) than other high-ticket consumer costs: retirement (77 percent), housing (70 percent), higher education (57 percent), or childcare (34 percent).

A premium on predictability

“Americans are overwhelmingly concerned about the cost of uncertainty in the health care system and appear willing to pay more for predictability, better value, and quality of care,” said CQC board member Donna Christensen. “While Trump revives talks of ACA repeal, U.S. health care consumers want policy makers to enact bipartisan changes that give them more certainty in coverage and costs. Policymakers must address patients’ fears connected to unpredictability, surprise costs, the complexity of medical billing, and a lack of transparency across the health care system.”

The poll explored questions about the kind of trade-offs that different visions of health care reform may create. For example, questions were asked about whether respondents preferred coverage that was more comprehensive and costly, or more restrictive, with lower monthly premiums and higher consumer cost sharing.

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