Chronic Disease Coalition Joins Consumers for Quality Care

By Consumers for Quality Care, on October 11, 2023

October 11, 2023

Chronic Disease Coalition Joins Consumers for Quality Care


The organization, which is dedicated to empowering patients with chronic illnesses and creating change within the health care system, has joined CQC’s growing coalition of advocates


WASHINGTON Consumers for Quality Care (CQC), a coalition of advocates and former policymakers working to provide a voice for patients in the health care debate, is pleased to announce the addition of the Chronic Disease Coalition as the newest coalition partner. The Chronic Disease Coalition, a nonprofit advocacy group, now joins a robust network of organizations committed to advocating for accessible, high-quality, and affordable health care nationwide.

The Chronic Disease Coalition has over 10,000 advocates across the country who ensure the chronic disease community is prioritized in both state and national legislation. Founded in 2015, this organization is dedicated to protecting patients suffering from chronic disease against predatory and discriminatory health care policies and practices. The Chronic Disease Coalition advocates for those with long-term or lifelong health conditions including diabetes, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and cancer.

“The Chronic Disease Coalition is thrilled to join a coalition that is laser-focused on lowering costs for patients. Health care costs can break families, especially for chronic patients, and that is why we need all hands on deck to not only protect — but to expand — the rights of every patient to safe, quality, and affordable care,” said Nathaniel Brown, Director of Advocacy, Chronic Disease Coalition “We’re grateful for the opportunity to join with the Consumers for Quality Care coalition in this critical fight.”

“We are delighted to welcome the Chronic Disease Coalition to Consumers for Quality Care’s expanding coalition of advocates,” said Donna Christensen, CQC board member, physician, and former Member of Congress. “Protecting patients from predatory health care practices and policies is a core principle of CQC’s mission, and we are excited to work with the Chronic Disease Coalition to ensure that patients suffering from chronic diseases are prioritized in the health care debate.”

CQC is thrilled to expand the coalition to 34 partner advocacy organizations. Together, the coalition is working to shape health care discussions through research, consumer-oriented advocacy, and direct engagement with critical healthcare issues on both state and national fronts.


About Consumers for Quality Care

Consumers for Quality Care (CQC) is a coalition of advocates and former policymakers working to provide a voice for patients in the healthcare debate as they demand better care. CQC is led by a board of directors that includes the Honorable Donna Christensen, physician and former Member of Congress; Jim Manley, former senior advisor to Senators Edward Kennedy and Harry Reid; Jason Resendez, healthcare advocate; and Mary Smith former CEO of the Indian Health Services during the Obama Administration.

About Chronic Disease Coalition

With more than 10,000 advocates across the country and a highly active ambassador program, the Chronic Disease Coalition is one of the leading patient rights advocacy groups in the United States. Over the past six years, the coalition has been a key partner in passing legislation in almost every state and at the Congressional level. Our highly active online digital advocacy program has grown to become a powerful voice for the chronic disease community.