Student Receives $10,000 Bill For Coronavirus Hospital Stay

By Consumers For Quality Care, on April 28, 2020

Student Receives $10,000 Bill For Coronavirus Hospital Stay

A student at Texas Christian University who was treated in a hospital for coronavirus is facing a $10,000 bill for treatment, according to a report by NBC DFW.

Will Horn spent five days in the hospital being treated for pneumonia, and he eventually tested positive for coronavirus. Horn recovered, but in the weeks since, his symptoms have been replaced by anxiety.

“Anxiety, feelings of survivor’s guilt, the depression, all of these kinds of things, and then I begin to think as well, what is this going to cost?” said Will Horn.

Horn eventually received the hospital bill he had been worrying about. The visit would cost him over $10,000.

“I wasn’t being irresponsible, I wasn’t gambling, I wasn’t making risky investments. I got sick, and I got a really big bill that I did not budget for,” said Horn.

Even though the government and insurance companies have pledged to cover the cost of getting treated for the virus, there are gaps in coverage and people like Horn who get left behind.

“I was in the hospital a relatively short time. There are some people who there for two weeks or longer, and they’re going to get some bills that are going to be devastating,” said Horn.