Documentary “InHospitable” Details the Big Profits in “Non-Profit” Health Care

By Consumers For Quality Care, on January 5, 2022

Documentary “InHospitable” Details the Big Profits in “Non-Profit” Health Care

The documentary “InHospitable,” released in November 2021, puts a spotlight on toxic hospital practices which aim to increase profits to the detriment of consumers, according to Forbes.

The film in particular highlights UPMC, the medical center closely related with the University of Pittsburgh, which has come under fire for attempting to monopolize nearly all health care in the metro Pittsburgh area.

While nonprofit hospitals are organized as charities to deliver affordable health care to those I their communities who need it most, many of America’s largest non-profits are making big money. This includes exorbitant salaries for nonprofit hospital executives around the country, non-profit hospital policies that put profits over patients, like the decision by UPMC to no longer accept competitor Highmark’s insurance and closing less profitable rural hospitals, combined with poorer health care outcomes.

“No patient should have to make the choice between having access to the health care they need or risk facing astronomical hospital bills just so their local hospital can increase their profits,” said the Honorable Donna Christensen, Consumers for Quality Care board member, physician and former Member of Congress. “I and my fellow CQC board members urge everyone who cares about patients and health care in their communities to watch this documentary and work to ensure policies are in place to protect patients.”

CQC urges community leaders and lawmakers to beware of aggressive and predatory practices by their local hospitals.